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Adoption Wraparound Services

Parents in Training Inc.  is pleased to announce a collaboration with Internationally recognized, adoption, and child behavior expert Bryan Post, to bring Adoption Wraparound Services to the Northern California Families.

Trauma-based education and support for adoptive families who are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by their child’s behaviors. When nothing else has helped, we are here to provide you hope, encouragement and healing.

What is Adoption Wraparound Services?

California Senate Bill 163 Wraparound Plan is a coordinated effort between the county and state to provide the best and highest level of care to at-risk adoptive placements in the state of California. This is a first of its kind effort to help families maintain their children in the home without sending them to higher levels of care which have routinely been found to be less effective and financially more expensive than the proposes wraparound services.

Who Qualifies?

Any family with an adopted child under the age of eighteen that is at-risk of being removed or placed outside of the home into a higher level of care. In this manner the family is in turmoil. In most instances the child is demonstrating some spectrum of severe behaviors and has already received a diagnosis and may be receiving mental health counseling that is not helping to alleviate the intensity being experienced by the family. 

Is There a Cost to the Family?

There is no cost to the family and in fact a portion of the funding can help to offset cost that may otherwise be incurred by the family like regular counseling services. If the desire of the family is to maintain a therapeutic relationship with the current counselor in addition to participating in the rest of the wraparound program, the referred to agency can compensate the counselor for their ongoing services.

Do I Have to Be Referred by My Social Worker?

No, though your social worker will be considered a part of your community treatment team a referral from your social worker is not required. If your child and home meet the necessary criteria you are automatically qualified. We work with social workers as well as local professionals to provide an effective treatment team approach that works towards meeting the individualized needs of each family we serve.

How Does It Work?

Wraparound can be requested by the immediate family. There is one form that needs to be completed to initiate the process #1 The Wraparound Referral Form: This form establishes the initial necessity for wraparound services for the child and family. The family may complete most of this form but there is one area of importance that requires the signature of a qualified mental health professional. This should be anyone familiar with the problems the child and 

family have been struggling thru and can be a counselor or family physician. If you do not have a qualified mental health professional an assessment can be arranged. This form needs to be submitted to your family’s AAP worker. Your worker will then instruct you on the next steps. Do not be afraid to tell your worker of the other services that you have received and that have failed. They may occasionally suggest other services first but most likely you have already tried these. Remain calm and just reiterate that you are requesting wraparound services. 

How is Post Wraparound Different from Other Wraparound Providers:

Challenging adopted children and the families caring for them do not need 3 different workers coming into their home to manage their children throughout the day. Shuttling the children to outpatient therapy, social skills activities, other forms of therapy programs, and then back home again is not therapeutic. It serves to give overwhelmed parents temporary relief that can be much needed during times of stress, crisis and day to day functioning, but ultimately these are mere band-aid services. They are still not addressing the heart of the matter. 

The heart of the matter, when it comes to helping children be successful in adoptive placements, is in creating a trauma-informed, therapeutic environment for the child to heal and thrive. A trauma-informed, therapeutic environment is one where parents are trained to be as effective as a therapist in their understanding and insights, yet predictable, consistent, nurturing and loving like parents must be for creating security in the home. Adoptive children, who are ultimately traumatized children, need parents, families that understand them, understand the outcome of abuse and neglect, understand the root of behaviors, and the ultimate importance of relationship for healing. Investing extraordinary amounts into maintaining a child in the home through the sheer will of bodies providing care is not going to create healing. It will not lead to a child being any more normal or capable of functioning from his own internal capacity. Essentially, it is just enabling the family unit to continue being disconnected, left out in the dark, and dis-empowered from the process that genuine loving family relationships has to offer.

What if rather than just managing the child in the home the workers provided rigorous family coaching, shadowing of the parent/child interaction, intervention for the parent not able to understand in the moment. Furthermore, what if the workers in the home cleaned, cooked, paid the bills, fed the dog, and basically minimized the demands and stressors of everyday life to the point that the parents only task other than making a living for the family was building relationship with their child? Where progress was not measured by how well the child is being maintained with several rotating providers in the home but rather how well the family was interacting as a whole and able to transition away from the need of so many provider hours?     This is the evolution of wraparound services.

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  Bio: Bryan Post, 

An adopted and former foster child, is one of America’s Foremost Child Behavior and Adoption Experts and founder of  www.PostInstitute.com He is host of Post’s Daily Dose an original Facebook live show on five days a week at 6:30pm on facebook.com/postinstitute. You can receive a free copy of his best-selling adoption parenting book From Fear to Love by going to https:///www.feartolovebook.com