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Rose  Baker, the founder of Parents in Training Inc., is a biological mother of  1, adoptive mother of 5, grandmother of over 150, and a foster parent  of over 500 children and teenagers! SHE SAYS...

Parenting should be fun and 
a real learning experience for everyone!

Participants say they enjoy the humor, relaxed 

​atmosphere and camaraderie in these Love and Logic parenting classes.


People Tell Us

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“These  classes give you the insight and support that every parent needs to be  successful in raising kids in today’s difficult society.”                           
– Erica B.

“It’s been a lifesaver, and a sanity saver.” 
– Sarah C.

“Parenting has become more fun and less pressured.”
– Denise G.

“What  I like about Love and Logic in the classroom is I know what to expect  from my students and they know what what to expect from me ”                           
– Marguerite W.

"I understand now what it takes to give my son what he needs to be able to be a good part of the family."

– Jim N.

"If I was to sum up  the most valuable thing I have learned is,  I have learned how to Manage my Emotions,  I do not parent my children while I am in an emotional state, nor do I parent my children when they are in the emotional state. This key concept has changed my life and my children's life building a strong relationship with my children rather than a tug of war between child and adult"

- James D.